Hackers Handbook App Now Available on Google Play

Hackers Companion is a must have app for any hacking enthusiasts!
This app connects you with like-minded individuals from all over the world, with hundreds of thousands of registered users.
Step-by-step tutorials show you how to defend yourself from hackers, perform penetration testing on your networks, computers, websites, cell phones, and more! Truly the ultimate handbook for any hacker.

Android app on Google Play

Best USB Wireless Cards For Hacking WiFi

Many PC's and laptops come with wireless cards that don't allow either monitor mode or packet injection; both are needed to successfully crack wifi security. Below are our personal recommendations on wireless cards that have been tested and performed the best when hacking WEP, WPS, WPA, or WPA2 wifi passwords.

How to Break Into a Mac

In celebration of hitting 1337 likes on Facebook, we're releasing a new public tutorial for everyone! This specific tutorial will walk you through breaking into a Mac by changing the password of the user account associated with it. What you need:
  • Physical access to the Mac
    Optional: Mac OS X installer DVD

Mac On Your PC

Ever wanted to have a mac, but don't want to spend $1,000+ on one? What if you could run OS X Lion on your PC and have the best of both worlds for half the cost? We'll show you how! This guide will show how to setup a fully working OS X Lion 10.7 on a Windows machine. This process will take about an hour but most of the time is spent downloading files.

Yahoo Hacked! Over 400k E-mails & Passwords Leaked

It looks like Yahoo Voice is the next big name to fall victim to an SQL injection attack; over 400,000 e-mails and passwords have been leaked for Yahoo, Gmail, Live, and other e-mail providers. This not only poses a risk to e-mail accounts, but most people use the same e-mail/password for all their accounts (Facebook, bank accounts, etc).