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George Carlos

Posted 5 months 5 days ago Sorry, I am a n00b, but you have to start somewhere. If I am in the wrong place, please somebody guide me to the right place. I just started on my Informatics major, and I admire the skill. I need a hacker to hack someones Facebook or even more. I am a pacifist at heart, and I mind my own business. "Not a killa, but don't push me" The reason I want you to hack this particular person is because he is messing with my beautiful girlfriend that I love with all my heart. He knows that we are together, but has no respect. Ive been with my baby for 4 years and endured ups and downs, but I still care about her like no other. This guy doesn't care, and wont let up. Unfortunately, my girl has to come in contact with this prick on a regular basis. He has been warned and I have not the muscle to take on "him and his crew." They play dirty. I cannot do physical altercations, it almost seems like politics also. Please! I am begging for a good Samaritan hacker to do me this favor. I am a grown man, but I am not afraid to say I have been depressed and cried over this. I wish I had more information to contribute.


Posted 6 months 3 weeks ago I met this girl in the alley behind my house as she was hiding from her abusive boyfriend... So she claimed.. I let her hang out in my garage until the sun came up, so her boyfriend wouldnt find her and continue to abuse her. Katie then expressed she was hungry, so we hopped on the bus to go to Dennys, and who do we see on the way there, yup her BF.. He shows up and starts stuff, but nothing happens. Long story short, he leaves and after Dennys we go to Electronic store where I buy my son a $100 tablet. I ask her to hold onto it since her purse was big enough. As were waiting for the bus, who shows up again, yup bf. This time I aint having it so I take off. Like an idiot I forgot the tablet. I LATER REALIZE THAT SHE GOT INTO MY WALLET & STOLE 2 CREDIT CARDS AND WONT RETURN MY TABLET.. GOOD DEEDS FOR BAD PEOPLE . PLEASE HELP ME GET HER FACEBOOK PASSWORD. THANKS. I want to let her know that if she doesnt return the Tablet for my son, I will let every friend know who she really is..


Posted 8 months 4 days ago He's been harassing me constantly and has hacked my account I want to do the same to him so he will truly know what it feels like!

Rikke Lund

Posted 10 months 1 week ago Having a suspecion about she is fucking around with others, have seen small bites of several FB chat messages that looked strange, and she is secretly going around and meeting other men. Not that its illegal but shes saying she is with her girlfriends but they are doing other things than she is. Please help me with the password, have tried anything. i know some bits of the password but not able to guess the whole thing.

Tyson Smith, Alvin Correro

Posted 1 year 1 month ago This clan unreasonably kicked and banned me from it, because they had one small dispute with me, i've been with them for over 2 years and for them to act like this, is completely uncalled for! Extra info Enigma's # is 435-652-1075


Posted 1 year 1 month ago This individual took it upon himself to not only let my sons friend tutor him on a new ps3 game He subsequently used their supposed friendship to hack his yahoo accounts his phone his play station account using up the money he had put on his PSN account $100.00 the "Lazy Bum" his words the final straw the reason I took it upon myself to humbly ask my fellow handbook members to do what they do best is The young man hacked his facebook account and subsequently called friends and family members all sorts of unacceptable names and slurs. So again I ask that you make it difficult for him to have a cyber future Thank you, BRADR0ID

Nicholas Gerald Roberts

Posted 1 year 5 months ago I want him to stop threatening my auntie and looking for her. Has been saying flase things about her and posing pictures. But can't locate address was wondering if any of you could help me. Greatly appreciated for any help. Thanks guys.

Tamara Benison

Posted 1 year 6 months ago I need to get onto this person's YouTube account to access and delete personal information that has been recorded without my knowledge. This needs to be done as quick as possible. Thanks!

Jonas Larsen

Posted 1 year 6 months ago spams forums with their website and they steal all the information they can get from you if you buy anything from them

Shayne M. Brown

Posted 1 year 7 months ago He snitched on anonymous members resulting in their arrests' He also pressed false charges, he is also wanted for child rape and murder!! He is very evil and hateful. His girl Tyra K. Bailey is also a known lying snitch and set up girl. Both need the guillotine !!!